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This is our last year before retirement. We will close down our business on January 1, 2015!!!
We are already are running low on certain products. If you have a favorite... grab it now!
Watch for continuing discounts and sales each month!
And... we still have a few surprise items for 2014 so check back with us!
Many thanks to all our customers that have made our business wonderful!

How To FabShop Hop FabShop Hop Registration Go To List of Shops Our bunny has found a surprise on our quilt card page. We have gathered quilt cards from all of our quilt card packs to create a grab bag of 10 different cards and the price can't be beat! Our bunny is ordering quite a few because the grab bag packs are limited! Get them while you can and... yes... the remaining quilt card packs have dropped in price too! Enjoy all our HUGE discounts!